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Blazing fast and stable hosting infrastructure

From a Local Start-up to a national success story

20 Years of Delivering Excellence Together

Sizwe Africa IT Group is one of South Africa’s leading integrated IT solutions providers. We’re a passionate, skilled and rapidly-expanding partner of choice for many progressive organisations; both in the public and private sector, that benefit from the value we contribute across the entire IT value chain.

More than twenty years ago we started as Sizwe Business Networking, a ‘box dropping’ organisation and have grown to be a services and solutions provider which has established a nationwide footprint. Sizwe has built an impressive track record based on our ability to offer complete peace of mind to our clients. We do so by providing innovative solutions to the most demanding challenges and have demonstrated that we have the technical knowledge, experience and ability to deploy effective, resilient and reliable solutions./p>

In building this expertise and capabilities, we partner with leading hardware and software OEMs and our experienced and dedicated personnel. /p>

What we have Built

Sizwe Africa IT Group has built a hosting platform that comprises of multiple offerings from multiple cloud providers.

Cloud Hosting is the forefront of where technology and infrastructure is going, the solutions we offer can help any organization achieve there required goals and savings by hosting services in the cloud or as a Managed hosted service.

Our platform supports Debit, CreditCard and EFT payment options and managed by us to simplify the billing process.

Our ISO Certifications

Our ISO certifications undoubtedly give us a competitive edge and create value to all the Sizwe stakeholders.

At Sizwe Africa IT Group, we are committed to maintaining and improving the high standards set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), whereby all stakeholders draw the full benefit as a result. Sizwe‘s offerings and facilities are fully aligned with the following most respected standards and frameworks:

Gerrit Olivier

MS, Manager

Gareth Smith

MS, Architect

Stephan Van Der Walt

UNS, Network Engineer

Callie Barnard

MS, Developer

Donovan Smith

MS, Engineer

Mark Van Der Walt

MS, Engineer

Ruan Steinberg

MS, Engineer

Our Datacenters Are Located Locally in South Africa

Locally Hosted and managed data centres located in Samrand, Pretoria and Capetown, Each specifically designed with redundency and failover requirements.

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