Linux Shared Web Hosting

starting from

R30 /month

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  • Hybrid SSD

    Fast and Reliable storage

  • Performance

    Ensuring that you always have access to your servers.

  • MySQL

    MySQL to ensure all you data is stored


starting from

R89.99 /year

Get a domain
  • Premium

    Premium domains

  • Global Network

    Make your busines known.

  • Feature

    Fully Automated Domain Registration

Windows Shared Web Hosting

starting from

R30 /month

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  • Hybrid SSD

    Fast and Reliable storage

  • Global Infrastructure

    Ensuring that you always have access.

  • MsSQL

    Microsoft SQL to ensure all you data is stored

Dedicated Mailbox

starting from

R49 /month

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  • 25GB

    Sufficient space for all your mail requirements

  • Global Network

    Ensuring that you always have access to your mail.

  • Feature

    Another feature that we might need to say

SSL Certificates

starting from

R299.99 /year

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    Compatible with all major browsers

  • 24/7

    24/7/365 Customer Support


    Backed by DigiCert

Small Business Data Centre's-in-the-cloud

starting from

R1699.99 /month

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  • Hybrid

    Fast and Reliable storage, SDDC on VMware Cloud Director

  • Global Infrastructure

    Ensuring that you always have access.

  • Setup Fee

    no setup fee.

Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Services

starting from

R28.00 /month

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  • Endpoint Protection

    Next-generation Endpoint protection helps businesses keep critical systems safe

  • Threat Intelligence

    Contextual threat intelligence.

  • Managed

    Fully managed by us and cloud based.

Hosted Cloud Backup and File Solutions

starting from

R59.99 /month

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  • Globally Accessible

    Access all your backups from anywhere in the world.

  • Cloud Config

    Configured in the cloud.

  • Performance

    High Speed backup for ease of use.

Always Available Services

Sizwe Africa IT Group’s Cloud based services are always available, backed-up and secured using the latest next-generation services.

Endpoint services
  • Next-generation Endpoint protection - Webroot Secure Anywhere
  • Backup services - Acronis File and Sync Cloud Services and Acronis Backup cloud services
Locally Cloud Hosted VPS, Plesk Cluster and Dedicated Servers
  • Plesk Panel, Web hosting, Mail services and WordPress
  • Dedicated Managed Servers - Dedicated Managed Resource pool services
  • Dedicated SDDC - Software defined data centers – Self Managed
  • VPS Servers - Small to large Scale
Global and Local Cloud Hosted Servers, SSL Services, Domain purchasing, Backup services and Mail services
  • Software defined data centers
  • SSL Store services
  • Domain hosting and DNS services
  • Acronis Server Backup cloud services
  • Hosted Email and dedicated Exchange

What do we offer?

Sizwe Africa IT Group has built a hosting platform that comprises of multiple offerings from multiple cloud providers.

Cloud Hosting is the forefront of where technology and infrastructure is going, the solutions we offer can help any organization achieve there required goals and savings by hosting services in the cloud or as a Managed hosted service.

Our platform supports Debit, CreditCard payment options and managed by us to simplify the billing process.

The offerings

  • Website hosting
  • WordPress Website hosting
  • Mail hosting
  • Managed VPS
  • VMware Cloud Servers
  • Hosted Cloud Backup
  • Cybersecurity & Threat Intelligence Services
  • Domain hosting
  • SSL Certificate services

  • Each one of the offerings have different options linked to them, offering you either a monthly or annual package option to choose from.

    All services offered are automated from the time you checkout your cart and payment is made, there are some services that are managed by us and offered as a managed service which will be provisioned within 24 to 48 hours after purchase.

    The Data Centres are monitored by our SOC (Security operations centre), this includes cyber threats, DDos attacks, in and outbound threats. All services are integrated into the SIEM hosted at Sizwe.

    Why Sizwe should be your choice?

    Agnostic, Secure, Flexible, Managed Data Centre.

    When you choose Sizwe Africa IT Group’s Managed Data Centre, you are getting the very best in technical infrastructure and security operations. Our Data Centre is located in South Africa in Samrand , Pretoria and Cape Town. Sizwe Africa IT Group’s Data Centre facility’s are built to a Tier 2 standard, giving the customer the benefit of highly available services at a lower cost.

    Your Data is Secure

    Our data centre maintains the highest level of security around the clock. Our Security Operations Centre continuously monitors all services in and out of the Data Centre, multiple CCTV points, secure and monitored entries and exits.


    We maintain an optimal operating environment of between 19 – 22°C with fire detection and suppression, multiple generators in conjunction with municipal power and solar grid supply direct to facilities in the Data Centre.

    High Speed Infrastructure

    Our Managed Data Centre has multiple redundant connections to peering partners, ensuring multiple routes are always available, All our hardware is configured to run 24 x 7 x 365.

    High Risk Services

    Sizwe Africa IT Group is a professional managed services hosting provider. We do not accept any High Risk activities, such as Gaming, Gambling, Hacking or Torrent services.

    Support 24x7x365

    We have a 24 hour Ticketing system on the platform. All engineers are available from 8AM to 5PM weekdays. Critical Emergency support after hours and over the weekends.

    Free Plesk Panel and software services

    Everything you'll need to effortlessly build your projects, secure against vulnerabilities and automate your day-to-day tasks - on one simple dashboard.

    Perfomance Optimize

    All our Servers are kept to up to date regularly, enterprise class storage optimized with SSD and Hybrid cache services, giving you an amazing experience. Fully clustered and highly available servers and network components.

    Our Datacenters Are Located Locally in South Africa

    Locally Hosted and managed data centres located in Samrand, Pretoria and Cape Town, Each specifically designed with scalability and redundency in mind to suit our customers requirements.

    Load Balancing